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Fence with courage, win with honor, lose with dignity. This is our creed.

Coach CharlieCoach Charlie describes fencing as a game of strategies and tactics -- a cerebral sport.

"It is a chess match moving at 90 miles an hour", says Coach Charlie. "Somebody is standing in front of you with a long pointy piece of steel they are trying to drive into your body. You have to stop them. At the same time, you are trying to inflict the same exact move on them."

March 11th Club Tournament

March 11th is another in a series of tournaments we are doing to promote competition between the local schools and our club. Please note that there are several changes. Girl's and boys events will be separate for this particular challenge. In addition we have added Senior events on Sunday, Mixed Epee and Senior Women's Foil. The senior events are open to anyone 13 and up. If you have questions you may e-mail or call Coach Charles at 989-8663.

Click here to for registration form.

Hope to see you all there!

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